Meet Betsy Keats, MA

Betsy Keats

My Philosophy

As a result of childhood trauma, I’ve been on a healing journey for most of my adult life.

I’ve come to a place of joy and balance. There are days this just feel miraculous – I am not the woman I was at 20.

One interesting outcome of having been through these experiences is that I have hope for everyone.

Every single person can express her authentic self, her sense of expansive self-empowerment, enormous strength, and great intelligence, free of feeling she is not enough.

“Betsy created a calm, non-judgmental, and safe place for psychological and emotional growth,
contemplation and self- awareness.

Whether it was through group or individual counseling, I came away feeling I was on a clearer path to get
where I wanted to be.” DL

It is a gift for me to have the opportunity work with others who may have had similar challenges with childhood trauma or with dysfunctional family situations.

I have also dedicated myself to support those who have self-esteem issues that have affected their sense of self worth.

Because of my own healing, I know beyond a doubt that you can heal too.

The depth of understanding that I bring to our work together enables you to know you have a companion on this journey.

As your companion and guide, I support you in building self-esteem and self-love, the essential ingredients.

As you move through the barriers to creating joy and balance, you will step into in the life that you want and deserve.

Would you like to take the first step?

You walk through the fire.

Every single step is a triumph, every single step.

Praise for “Navigating Turbulent Times | Small Group Program for Women”

“I loved Betsy’s small group. It was insightful and inspirational.

I plan to take more of her online group programs.” AM