Client Testimonials

“Betsy created a calm, non-judgmental, and safe place for psychological and emotional growth, contemplation and self- awareness.

Whether it was through group or individual counseling, I came away feeling I was on a clearer path to get where I wanted to be.”


Praise for “Navigating Turbulent Times | Small Group Program for Women”

“I loved Betsy’s small group. It was insightful and inspirational. I plan to take more of her online group programs.”


“Betsy is educated in the field of abuse and trauma and has spent years and years counseling people who have survived them.

I have been one of those women who sought Betsy’s wisdom over the last 1½ years.

She has special skills to offer women in crisis that will allow for a return of balance and well-being.”

SP Santa Fe

Praise for REIKI Sessions

“Betsy consistently eases my aches and pains by listening to me and responding skillfully and accurately to what I have to say.

I emerge refreshed and re-energized from my treatments with her.

I come to Santa Fe for several months each year, and I always look forward to the next series of treatments!”

NT New York City

Praise for REIKI & EFT (Tapping) Sessions

“A session with Betsy leaves me rejuvenated in body, mind, and spirit.

Her ability to listen to my troubles soothes my soul, and the energy of her healing touch restores the molecules of my being to peace and balance.

I would recommend anyone and everyone to schedule a session with Betsy.”

ALK Moriarty, NM

“Awesome workshop, Betsy!

Delighted that I once again got to experience your awesome gift for leading/ shepherding groups.

The workshop itself was time very well-spent, and you provided us participants with so many ideas and guideposts for ongoing productive and fun emotional self-care.

Thanks so much!!!”